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Re: CLC Patuxent vs Chesapeake LT
By:Pete Jung
Date: 11/10/1998, 3:07 pm
In Response To: CLC Patuxent vs Chesapeake LT (Dave)

Hi Dave,

I've had about two years in a Patuxent 17. It's a fine boat for day trips, but not great for carrying vast quantities of cargo. I'm 6'3", 225 lbs, and it's a little small for me. I have lots of miles on it in sheltered water, where it works great. I would guess it would be a little wet in big water, as there isn't much freeboard.

I paddled in concert with a Chesapeake in a medium wind (maybe 15 knots or so) a few months ago. I had no trouble with weathercocking, but the Chesapeake paddler was struggling to hold course cross-wind. High bows and raised foredecks seem to be the ticket in waves, and with big feet, but not necessarily for flat water and smaller persons.

My 11-year old daughter loves my Patuxent, and has no problems with the Patuxen's stability. I think I'll make a Patuxent 19.5 for myself this winter, and let her have the little one. I think the 17 would make a fine day boat for your wife, given that she has a bit of experiance in a 'yak of some kind.

FYI, mine came out at 40 lbs, including the seat, but without deck hatches. Easy to lift on and off the car, and handle during launch/retrieve.



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