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Coaming and glassing
By:Robert Woodard
Date: 11/9/1998, 5:12 pm

I'm getting close to finishing up the stripping on my guillemot and wanted to get advice on the next step.

I've never glassed before and wonder if it would be easier to glass with the cockpit cut out but with no coaming on it, or coam and then glass?

I guess I could pass along my worst horror story to date: My son and I had carried it outside on saturday to fair and sand the hull. After spending most of the day with it, it looked really good. We carried it inside and as we were turning it over to start stripping the deck, the hull slid off the form and hit the floor. Imagine the look on our faces as the hull split end to end on the keel line.

Lucky for us it was a very clean break. A little more glue and some strapping tape to hold it in place and it looks almost as good as before we dropped it.

I hope this is as bad as it gets 8^)


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Coaming and glassing
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