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fairing a varnished hull
By:Brian C.
Date: 11/4/1998, 1:03 pm

Hey folks,

The other day I found a low spot created by what I thought was a good scarf joint. Wanting to still vanish the hull I decided to built up the low spot by affixing several layers of glass to the area, since the entire hull is glassed anyways I figured it wouldn't show up much. On a painted hull you can put fairing compound on it and use a longboard to get it smooth ( BTW the due have powered long boards, the one we used on the solar car was air powered )

You can't really sand too much, you'll burn though the hull!

I just wondered how the rest of you builders handled it.

BTW the picture is of my teammates removing bad bondo, it never kicked off properly.

BTW2 don't use auto bondo on a boat, most ( some are ) are not waterproof!

cheers, and thankx in advance

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fairing a varnished hull
Brian C. -- 11/4/1998, 1:03 pm
Re: fairing a varnished hull
Mark Kanzler -- 11/4/1998, 1:12 pm