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Cockpit coaming methods?
By:Wayne Bergman
Date: 11/2/1998, 10:17 pm

I'am presently at the deck sanding stage on my "Panache" and thinking about the cockpit coaming that I have half started. The venier work is done for those familiar with Rob Macks method for his cedar stippers.One problem I had was I used realy thin venier and "Franklins tite bond" and this combination didn't spring back as it was supposed to (I guess if you used thicker venier and epoxy as recomended it would spring back to the desired shape, anyways I didn't) so now if I spring the pieces out so there fair at the center of the deck I end up with a opening about 35" long and 18" wide. This is a bit longer then I was hoping for but It would be OK. So after reading Nicks book and seeing the method he uses with the vertical stips of cedar I Iam half thinking of giving this a try. Wondering if anyone out there has maybee used both methods and would be able to tell me how they made out. I'am also wondering if the vertical part of the coaming should be vertical to the waterline or if its OK to have the upright parts of the coaming leaning outwards abit, in other words if I just glued in these pieces at a right angles to the deck (especially at the sides) my coaming uprights will be facing outbound instead of striaght up and down. Does it Matter? Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this one. Wayne Bergman

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Cockpit coaming methods?
Wayne Bergman -- 11/2/1998, 10:17 pm
Re: Cockpit coaming methods?
Nick Schade -- 11/3/1998, 1:54 pm