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Re: Leaning/Stability
By:Nick Schade
Date: 11/2/1998, 11:31 am

> I have never bad mouthed his boats. I have said that they are too heavy to
> hold on edge (because they have too much width and they are too heavy
> (38#) with his layup.

The ability to lean a boat has little to do with the weight of the boat itself. For the purpose of stability you need to consider the total displacement of the boat with paddler and cargo, of which the weight of the boat is not very significant. 10# distributed throughout the skin of a boat is not going to make a difference when the paddler can move their head which weights almost 10#.

The width of the boat is also not the controlling factor regarding stability. Cross-sectional shape, waterline length, and height of seat as well as waterline width all contribute to stability and thus ease of leaning.

Since you weigh less than I do as well as being shorter, you would probably want to raise the seat in my designs to achieve the performance you desire. The 20" overall width of the boat you are talking about is probably narrow enough.

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Re: Leaning/Stability
Nick Schade -- 11/2/1998, 11:31 am