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Re: OK
By:Nick Schade
Date: 10/28/1998, 5:17 pm

> I think we have to ask what we want to accomplish.

What we want is a layup strong enough for the use.

> What I want to accomplish is for Nick and others to stop telling poeple
> that 6oz/.250"/6oz is good enough and that saving a few pounds is not
> worth the cost or effort. To accomplish that we have to compare layups
> people are willing and able to use. The following 9 layups might do that.

This testing would provide relative strengths, which is useful but not the whole answer. We also need to know how strong is "strong enough". The best way to determine this is to test materials that over the years have proved strong enough. This includes straight fiberglass/polyester and rotomolded. Stronger than straight fiberglass/poly is only needed if straight fiberglass/poly is not strong enough. I think that years of use have established that it is strong enough. By the way this is the theory behind the "Scantling Rules" in another thread.

Any complete testing should include fiberglass/poly and rotomolded panels. Data in absence of these reference points will not provide the data we need. I can imagine many layups which are lighter and stronger than the "standard" layup. George's may very well be one of them. But in order for me to recommend a different layup, it first must be established that the standard layup is not good enough. Just because one layup is better than another does not make the lesser one bad. A Lexus may be better than a Toyota, but Toyota is still a good car.

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