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Re: Cars are cheaper than planes
By:John Lange
Date: 10/27/1998, 2:29 pm

> If you have a reasonable vehicle, I use a Dodge Caravan - 20mpg with 2
> kayaks, you can drive across the country and back, 4000 miles, for less
> than $200. Time is about 2 days each way.

Which way are your crossing the country, and how fast do you drive? Portland to D.C. is more than 2000 miles one way. And definitely takes more than two days (unless you have multiple drivers, substantial amounts of caffeine, and are a huge fan of 1970s Burt Reynolds movies). In my three trips driving from Seattle to D.C. I usually averaged around 3000 miles and took 5-7 days (small detours, and a day at Yellowstone). You could probably cut it to 2500 miles if you go direct on the Interstates and skip the scenery. Add on another 2000 miles if you are leaving from Anchorage.

As much fun as a weekend get together would be, I don't see this as an option for us West Coasters (heck, those of us in the NorthWest were complaining about having to go to California :) ).

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Re: Cars are cheaper than planes
John Lange -- 10/27/1998, 2:29 pm