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Re: which is it?
By:Nick Schade
Date: 10/21/1998, 2:42 pm

Here you seem to imply it takes some special skills to build a boat your way. In previous posts you have come right out and said 1/8" strips requires good skills. You have also said Kevlar is more difficult than glass to get a good layup. In this discussion you are implying that your method is just as easy as the standard method.

Which is it?

> When you do you boat building, watch yourself work and evaluate yourself
> and your materials. Try to determine what skills you lack. Try to develope
> those. Try to determine what properties you want from your materials on
> your next boat. Use materials with those properties. Most of all have fun.

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Re: which is it?
Nick Schade -- 10/21/1998, 2:42 pm