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Re: Read the Booklet
By:Nick Schade
Date: 10/21/1998, 2:08 pm

Before you draw any conclusions you should read the whole booklet, not just one sentence. In the way MacNaughton uses the term "skins", the loading is small.

Don't lecture us about how to do engineering when you are prepared to draw conclusions based on one sentence. Read the booklet so you know the context of that sentence.

You have demonstrated a willingness to critique information you have never seen. I'm sure you will criticize the scantling rule once you have read it. Do yourself a favor and save your comments until you have actually read what you are criticizing.

> McN's description of wood strip boats:

> "Since these skins take only relatively low transverse loads, they
> are thin and light."

> Almost all mistakes in engineering is in applying a theory or pinciple
> outside of the range where it is valid.

> Impacts are high traverse loads. Applying impacts to a wood strip boat of
> McN's specification is applying a principle outside of its range.

> One can build wood strip boats that will resist high traverse loads but
> not using McN's specification.

> One can also build boats with frames, ribs, or bulkheads that will resist
> high travese loads but they are not wood strip boats (in the sense McN's
> use the term).

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Re: Read the Booklet
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