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Re: Cheap Skills Test
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 10/20/1998, 9:12 pm

> Not S-Glass - that stuff is expensive.

My mistake. I thought 'satin cloth' but wrote 's-glass'.

> Laying cloth over wet epoxy has risks but you can lay multiple layers one
> at a time a day or so apart.

That I could handle.

> When you do you boat building, watch yourself work and evaluate yourself
> and your materials. Try to determine what skills you lack. Try to develope
> those. Try to determine what properties you want from your materials on
> your next boat. Use materials with those properties. Most of all have fun.

The first boat was a blast to build. I concentrated on technique rather than design. On the second boat I plan to be more creative. Perhaps on the third I'll try the thin strips.

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Re: Cheap Skills Test
Ross Leidy -- 10/20/1998, 9:12 pm