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put the bulkheads in, unprimed
By:Brian C.
Date: 10/20/1998, 1:05 pm

Hey folks,

I put my bulkheads in this weekend, unprimed.

We I was fitting the rear bulkhead in it was rather apparent that is wasn't coming out again, at least not in one piece. So I decided to go ahead and install it. I buttered up the back of the mast step ( read BIG deck beam ) and after clamping the bulkhead to it I 'tabbed' ( small non-full fillets - via Sam Devlin's book ) the bulkhead to the hull. I observed the bulhead wicking the epoxy up and really enhancing the joint. So I went ahead and installed the front bulkhead in the same way. After the 'tabs' cured I put the fillets in, let the cure till 'tacky', put the first layer of tape on, let that cure until tacky, and then installed the last layer of tape.

I didn't put the side tape in yet, I took this BB's hint to wait on the sides until the bottoms are cured, so I can tip the boat. That way gravity will help the tape stay where it's supposed to be.