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Re: Oh the pain
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 10/20/1998, 9:59 am

> I have built math models, I have done testing, I have paddled both layups,
> and I have support from experts in composites. I have offered to
> demonstrate the unsuitability of the above layup (and the suitability of a
> layup that results in a 15 pound lighter kayak) by any means acceptable. I
> have more or less offered $3000 for anyone who can build a suitable boat
> from that layup. I have no takers. This indicates to me that everyone
> agrees that the layup is unsuitable but they have too much pride to admit
> it. (Perhaps they are just sucking others into the same trap.)

George, you may be genuinely concerned about people's safety, but your antagonistic attitude doesn't help convince anyone. Perhaps you have no takers on your offer not because readers agree with you, but because they consider your postings "so much fart gas."

Personally, I would really like to see the results of tests on panels performed by someone on this bbs (I'm referring to Jon K.'s offer). May I suggest, George, that you construct the test panels; even the .25" x 6oz ones. With your attention to detail and with common core materials, you could product panels that are very consistent except for the attributes that we want to test. I think most (if not all) people on the board would trust you to be fair in panel construction. What do you say, George?

Let me say that regardless of the results of a test of this sort, that I may not change construction techniques. If the results are in George's favor, I don't think that I have the skill/patience/money to construct a boat with 1/8" strips and exotic materials. Perhaps some day when I've got a few kayaks under my belt (figuratively), I'll try.

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Re: Oh the pain
Ross Leidy -- 10/20/1998, 9:59 am