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Finished first boat (pics)
By:Pete Maricle
Date: 10/19/1998, 2:35 pm

I recently finished my first boat, a guillemot coastal, and I want to thank everybody for the wealth of information that I've gotten from this BBS over the past year.

Without the seat and deck fittings the boat weighs 38lbs. The wood is western red cedar and white pine, and I figure it took me about 300 hours to build (I'm slow).

The boat performs better than I could have hoped. It tracks perfectly and has good stablility. The plans were superb, and now with Nick's book available they're even better.

I did not use cove and bead construction. Each strip is hand planed and individually fit to the adjacent strips ( a lot of work, next time I'll use cove and bead).

The hatches are flush mounted, and held in place from inside. I'll try to post some pictures of how I did this since there has been quite a bit of discussion on the topic.

I hope that the pictures inspire some first time builders. I know other people's pictures inspired me.

Now I need to clean up my honey-do list so I can start my next one!

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Brian C. -- 10/21/1998, 12:50 am
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