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Paper Skin Kayak
By:Aaron Hutchings
Date: 10/19/1998, 1:01 am

In one of my books (Wood and Canvas Kayak Building - George Putz) there is a paragraph in the back that reffers to being able to use a "paper" skin instead of canvas on a skin on frame kayak. Supposedly, by using three layers of paper bag type paper with shelac coating/binder you can produce a very strong yet flexible covering.

I'm currently contemplating building another boat (this will me my third kayak) and was just wondering if there was anybody out there who could maybe describe the process, pros, cons, of this method. How long will it last? is it a nice finish? or does is just make the boat look like a 17 foot piniatah (sorry for the spelling)

Appreciate any suggestions / comments..

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Paper Skin Kayak
Aaron Hutchings -- 10/19/1998, 1:01 am
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Paul Jacobson -- 10/19/1998, 4:17 am