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Round Bottom Kayaks
By:Jim Reid
Date: 10/17/1998, 6:45 am

I am thinking of building a round bottom stich & glue for my next project, specifically the "Tripper" from Noaha's which from what I can tell is very similar to the" Yare" from CLC I am looking for a day tripper, something that is a little more challenging and responsive to paddle than my current hard chined ST Charles, but am concerned about the stability due to the round bottom. I would appreciate comments from owners of round bottom kayaks especially the Tripper.

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Round Bottom Kayaks
Jim Reid -- 10/17/1998, 6:45 am
Re: Round Bottom Kayaks
Nick Schade -- 10/19/1998, 9:50 am
Round Bottoms
Paul Jacobson -- 10/18/1998, 2:03 am