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Re: vinylester resin
By:Nick Schade
Date: 10/14/1998, 6:16 pm
In Response To: vinylester resin (Greg Sherman)

> Has anyone looked into using vinylester resin? I know it is U.V. stable
> and inexpensive, it also has the drawback of a stong odor. I don't know if
> it is easy to work with, or the clarity/color tint. I am about to start my
> first kayak and looking for input.

The MAS chemist sneered at the idea of using vinylester on wood. His reasoning was vinylester was not an adheasive (where epoxy was) and thus would not stick to the wood well. Obviously, he is in the business of selling epoxy, however I think vinylester would respond to pretty much like polyester. Polyester tends to be somewhat permeable to water and indeed does not bond all that well to wood.

A 3M salesman demonstrated some vinylester to me at a show. Within minutes of opening the can the whole building (2 or 3 football fields in size) smelled. Smelled bad.

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