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so much to learn
By:Jack Breeden
Date: 10/11/1998, 5:31 pm

I am starting the process of deciding which Kayak to build. I would appreaciate any helpful suggestions that you could provide for the new builder. I have a good deal of woodworking experience. I live on the Texas Gulf coast and the Kayak will be used pimarily in the Laguna Madre or in the surf. I desire an easy build for the first Kayak and then would like to expand to more difficult. Thanks Jack

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so much to learn
Jack Breeden -- 10/11/1998, 5:31 pm
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Shawn Baker -- 10/11/1998, 11:09 pm
Re: so much to learn
Mike Scarborough -- 10/11/1998, 7:18 pm
Re: so much to learn
John Fereira -- 10/21/1998, 1:21 pm