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New Glue (for me at least)
By:Edgar Kleindinst
Date: 10/10/1998, 7:40 pm

I went looking for some glue for the latest boat project but had a hard time finding what I wanted.I tried Titebond II on my last boat and hated it. It dried too fast and had this yellowish stain left even after you washed it which was difficult to sand completly off. The original Titebond was great but I can't find it any more. I guess the 'new improved' II replaced it. I finally settled on Elmers "Carpenter's Wood Glue - For Exterior Use". It has (or claims to have)...

a) No Run Gel Formula b) Contains real wood fibers for better sanding and staining c) easy water cleanup

It isn't a yellow glue but sort of a greyish look probably from the wood fibers suspended in it. I tried it on a few scrap strips and it went on kinda thick with no runs (almost a gel like they say) and it cleans up real nice (no yellow stain like the titebond II). The only downside I can see is it doesn't handle freezing and it needs clamping for an hour or more (neither one is a huge problem for me) Before I put it all over my new boat I thought I'd ask... anybody ever tried this stuff? What is the difference between this and the "proffessional grade" yellow glues like titebond?

The only properties I need in a glue is the ability to hold the strips together till the glass goes on, that it goes inert so it doesn't bleed some color or go soft when the resin hits it, and that it be reasonably sandable. Any thoughts?

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New Glue (for me at least)
Edgar Kleindinst -- 10/10/1998, 7:40 pm
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