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Closed cell foam source?
By:Wayne Bergman
Date: 10/6/1998, 9:12 pm

Iam wanting some 3/4" closed cell foam in Grey for the back rest in my Kayak. I have found a source for 3" thick foam that i have built my seat out of (as Nick Shade recommended in his book) which turned out good. However when I bought some 3/4" closed cell from the local foam shop it seems to be a bit softer and doesn't shape with sand paper like the other stuff I bought for the seat.No one around here (Vancouver Canada) seems to have what Iam looking for so I was hoping there would be a mail order source or something.

Thanks in advance Wayne Bergman

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Closed cell foam source?
Wayne Bergman -- 10/6/1998, 9:12 pm
Jon K. -- 10/6/1998, 11:33 pm