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Fairing deckbeams
By:Brian C.
Date: 10/6/1998, 11:11 am

Well, I finally have all the deckbeams done for my boat ( all 17 of them! ). Some were laminated together for mast partners, basically a 6inch wide ( fore and aft ) beam, that will later have a 2in hole cut in them for the masts.

The trouble I have is that the curve is not the same on all of them, the amount of 'rebound' from the jig wasn't exacty predictable. So, I now have to fair them out. Since the curve was shallower the peak is not high enough even though the sides are flush with the shear clamp. I thought about using wedge shaped shims. They worked well when I had to shim out the stern, but that's another story.

Thought? thanks in advance.

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Fairing deckbeams
Brian C. -- 10/6/1998, 11:11 am
Re: Fairing deckbeams
jim champoux -- 10/7/1998, 10:03 am
Paul Jacobson -- 10/8/1998, 8:52 pm
Re: or
jim champoux -- 10/9/1998, 10:44 am
A description clearer than coffee
Paul Jacobson -- 10/10/1998, 8:43 pm
Make 'em thicker
Paul Jacobson -- 10/6/1998, 8:48 pm
Re: Make 'em thicker
Brian C. -- 10/8/1998, 11:15 am
Re: Fairing deckbeams
Don Beale -- 10/6/1998, 1:38 pm
Re: Fairing deckbeams
Mark Kanzler -- 10/6/1998, 11:45 am
Re: Fairing deckbeams
Jerry Weinraub -- 10/6/1998, 7:00 pm
Hum...steambending an epoxy laminated beam?
Brian C. -- 10/7/1998, 12:00 am
Re: Worth a try.
Mark Kanzler -- 10/7/1998, 12:04 am