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Thanks Guillemot and Brian C. !!
By:Capt Patrick McCrary
Date: 10/3/1998, 9:57 am

Just want to say thanks to all of you who followed Brian's post pointing to my project article on Teak Inlay and alerting me to the Guillemot Kayaks site!

Brian e-mailed me to say that he enjoyed the article and would pass it on.

While Brian did not suggest Guillemot Kayaks as a link that I needed on my site, the traffic from this bulletin board in our stats from yesterday sent me scurrying over here to see who you guys were! What a great find! Not only have I added a link to Guillemot, but also posted our Boating Site of Excellence Award to Guillemot.

Great job Guillemot!

Regards, Capt Patrick McCrary Admin/Webmaster USA Marine Group

re: Inlays - Brian C. -- Thursday, 1 October 1998, at 7:52 p.m.

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Thanks Guillemot and Brian C. !!
Capt Patrick McCrary -- 10/3/1998, 9:57 am
Re: Thanks Guillemot and Brian C. !!
Brian C. -- 10/6/1998, 12:18 am