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West Coast Rendevous Update
By:Joe Greenley
Date: 9/28/1998, 5:55 pm


Thank you for your responses to my request for suggestions about possible sites for this event; my initial thoughts are to locate the site if possible, within a days driving distance (approximately 500 miles) of a popular seakayaking hub (Puget Sound and So. Cal. are two such hubs).

Unfortunately, these two hubs are quite a distance apart and trying to accommodate attendees from these two ends of the Pacific coast may be a little tricky; however, it is not impossible. In this case Northern California would be the logical compromise. This option would require a long days drive from either hub.

Another option, as mentioned in a previous post would be to split the event into two localities -- more conveniently serving each of the hubs. I would like some more input, if the interest is out there, about these two options.

In order to make this event as successful as possible, it will require that a decision on the locality be made within the next month or so. I will be doing some more footwork in the meantime.

Again, thank you for the input to date; let me hear some more voices on this subject.

Joe Greenley

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