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Re: Summary
By:Nick Schade
Date: 9/28/1998, 2:16 pm

> Click on the link below.

It appears that GR is the only person attending the Rendezvous who did not understand the spirit of the event. It was not an opportunity to critisize other people's workmanship or designs. The event was intended as a friendly gathering for people to share ideas and techniques.

The best summary I can give is to repeat what one attendee said to me: "There is not one ugly boat on the beach." Everyone did a great job with their boats

I wish I had a chance to look at and try more of the boats, but like Matthew Bastian mentioned you couldn't take a step on the beach without entering into a long discussion with someone. Before I knew it the day was over and there were at least 12 different boats I really wanted to try but never got to. Maybe next year.

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