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Re: Pictures are misleading
Date: 9/26/1998, 12:42 pm

> Its a take apart paddle. I was doing half paddle rolls and I must have
> been paddling to different water.

> Half paddle rolls are nice when you lose your paddle (really stupid thing
> to do) and need to use the halves on your deck.

Ok, that also explains the low ride... if you were rolling without a kilt, excuse me, skirt, then the boat was full of water and performing quite well under this conditon. I thought you had discovered my "Katama Herring Creek Paddle" (Herring Creek is only 3' wide in some places, runs inshore of the barrier dunes from Katama Bay toward Edgartown Great Pond ((fresh water)) ) Paddle stows smaller than your average take-apart. TNX, Scotty

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Re: Pictures are misleading
Scotty -- 9/26/1998, 12:42 pm