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Re: Does testing give us real answers
By:Rick V.
Date: 9/25/1998, 2:54 pm

> My posts do indicate all that you say, but that is not a reason to not
> test.

George, I apologize for being unclear. I value the results of your testing (which you graciously share for all of us to use). I have changed my mind a hundred times about how to do things in the construction of my canoe, based upon posts you and others have made regarding test results and real-life results. I think my hesitation has to do with extrapolating the results of tests outside of the design parameters. Study design (like sawing strips) is hard to do well, and people are inclined to infer things from the results which the studies never intended to answer. Likewise, in something as highly variable as hand-laying fiberglass over wood core construction, there are so many variables as to make the results almost impossible to duplicate exactly from person to person. If one examines the Forest Products Laboratory papers referred to elsewhere in this thread, one sees the typical published study format e.g. all of the variables thought to be important are listed and measured. Outside of these values, the results may be the same, but no promises are made. Some builders prefer one epoxy over another. Some builders can get the epoxy to a 1:1 ratio with the glass. The results these builders enjoy from their techniques and skills, may in general, be the same results others of less skill will enjoy; however, the results will most likely vary in some fashion. I am very grateful that you and others spend a lot of their own money and time to provide the rest of us with results that can save us from constantly re-inventing the wheel. My concern would be with spending thousands of dollars to have a commercial testing laboratory perform trials which probably wouldn't tell us very much. Thanks for helping me re-formulate my "thoughts", George.

Rick V.

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Rick V. -- 9/25/1998, 2:54 pm
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