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Re: i should comment here
By:Don Beale
Date: 9/25/1998, 1:29 am

I hear your point, that if a supplier of kits wants precision results he must specify precision materials and techniques, and methods of testing for quality.

But we are not building aircraft here. We are not subject to FAA certification. We tend to think we can improve on asthetics, strength, functionality, or all of the above. As you well know we are not always right. I think what is needed is a basic set of guidelines, ie redwood w/ 4 oz cloth etc... gives a working load of x psi, 6 oz cloth, y psi, and here's how you can duplicate these results. I recall lots of posts here asking about the strength differences between different combinations of cloths, and you have pointed out that no one can control how another applies thier epoxy. I think that just this forum is a great improvement in that at least we ametures can hear what pro's are doing and why.

> Spinners and weavers test their cloths so that the perform consistantly
> from batch to batch. If you purchase style 120 glass cloth - you always
> get the same physical properties and the same bonding properties.

> Epoxy manufactures test their products but from time to time they change
> their formulations.

> Aircraft kit suppliers specify the cloth sometimes specifying the weaver,
> the epoxy, and the preparation and application methods that give them
> satisfactory results. They also supply to the builder directions for
> testing that builder's skill at preparation and application.

> What we have here is a lack on the part of kit suppliers:

> of specific material, preparation, and aplication directions;

> of the dangers of changes in materials, preparation, or application; and

> of a builders test.

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