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Panache Pics
By:Ross Leidy
Date: 9/24/1998, 1:40 pm

Here's a few pictures of my finished Panache. It's been on the water only twice, but it's great! As is common with stripboats, it's been drawing comments from passersby. When registering the boat at the Ohio Division of Watercraft, one guy said, "You're not going to put that in the water, are you?!"

Thanks to everyone on the board for help and suggestions. I can't wait to start work on the next boat.

(use the link to get to larger pics)

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Panache Pics
Ross Leidy -- 9/24/1998, 1:40 pm
Great Job on your 1st Boat!
Randy Bertrand -- 9/25/1998, 11:04 am
Re: Great Job on your 1st Boat!
Mark Kanzler -- 9/26/1998, 12:16 am
Re: Panache Pics
Paul A. Lambert -- 9/24/1998, 6:48 pm
Re: Panache
Mark Kanzler -- 9/24/1998, 4:10 pm
nicely done
Brian C. -- 9/24/1998, 3:08 pm
Re: Panache Pics
John Lange -- 9/24/1998, 1:59 pm
Re: Hatch hold-downs
Ross Leidy -- 9/24/1998, 2:47 pm
Re: Hatch hold-downs
Mark Bodnar -- 9/27/1998, 8:00 pm
Re: Hatch hold-downs
Ross Leidy -- 9/28/1998, 9:28 am
Re: Hatch hold-downs
Tor-Henrik Furmyr -- 9/28/1998, 2:58 pm