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problem with board ?
By:Stephen Bumb
Date: 9/23/1998, 11:56 pm

when i try to open a post i get this message "Internet explorer cannot open the internet site --- the connection with the server was reset."

i have to ok this messege then attempt to open post again

This only happens on the first post i try to open per subject, any responses to that post will open fine.

i have been living with this problem ,it started after the BB was updated

it is very frustrating dealing with this problem, my computer is slow enough as it is i have not attemted to fix this because i am totally computer illiterate ,any help would be greatly appretiated.

thanks steve

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problem with board ?
Stephen Bumb -- 9/23/1998, 11:56 pm
Re: problem with board ?
Mark Kanzler -- 9/25/1998, 12:01 am