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Re: Summary
By:Jay Babina
Date: 9/23/1998, 9:43 am

I had a great time at the show meeting all the people I talk to on lineand paddling all the boats. Great craftsmanship and ideas everywhere. Enjoyed rowing the wherrie with George. The only unusal things there were a little strip-built white water boat and a sea kayak next to it with no seat or thigh braces whatsoever. Like a car with out a steering wheel. I like the way the kayak felt but with no seat? I guess they wern't finished yet. We lucked out with great weather. some good demonstrations by Newfound on glassing. Some absoultely beautiful canoes everywhere. About 23 Kayaks and 25 canoes (a guess).

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Re: Summary
Jay Babina -- 9/23/1998, 9:43 am
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Nick Schade -- 9/28/1998, 1:25 pm