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By:Brian C.
Date: 9/22/1998, 12:44 am

What do you folks do about lighting, for those times you couldn't quite make it it to you putout on time.

I've seen seen paddlers use mining lanterns, when I asked them about it they replied "great for bugs! mount a light up in the bow instead"

which begs the question if I should just go ahead and rig running light? or would that plain make it look like a low flying UFO?

thanks in advance :)

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Brian C. -- 9/22/1998, 12:44 am
Found 'em
Brian C. -- 9/28/1998, 10:43 am
Re: Didn't found 'em
Timothy - Toronto, Ontario -- 9/29/1998, 9:31 am
Re: Didn't found 'em
Mark Kanzler -- 9/30/1998, 12:02 am
What search word
Brian C. -- 9/30/1998, 12:33 am
Re: What search word
Mark Kanzler -- 9/30/1998, 12:51 am
Re: What search word
Brian C. -- 9/30/1998, 12:55 am
They're in the printed catalog
Brian C. -- 9/29/1998, 11:44 am
Re: Lighting
Mark Kanzler -- 9/21/1998, 2:14 pm
Coast Guard Approved equipment
Brian C. -- 9/22/1998, 2:45 pm
Re: Coast Guard Approved equipment
Mark Kanzler -- 9/22/1998, 4:39 pm