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Re: wider strips
By:Don Beale
Date: 9/21/1998, 12:50 pm
In Response To: wider strips (Jerry)

> Has anyone ever used wider than 3/4" strips? How did it turn out?
> (looks/weight/handling/time saved) I'm thinkin of using 1 1/2" or
> 2" strips to save time/wieght. Any input welcome.


I have done the deck of a Tred Avon using 1-1/2" strips of fir, with 3/4" redwood for the accent. I'd have to look to verify it but as I recall it is a 24" radius. It turned out nice looking. I wouldn't go any tighter radius, even with this there are some flat spots. I'll say they are there intentionally... Overall, I'd say it certainly is faster using wider strips, but you will more likely get the best results using 3/4" cove and bead.

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