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Nicks S&G...Again
By:Bob Harding
Date: 9/18/1998, 1:02 pm

I've already built Nicks S&G kayak and like it very much. It's a good boat and so cheap to build ( if you use lauan) that I want to build another one so I can paddel with a friend. Another reason is I would like to make this one a little lighter. I've learned alot by building this one, so I'm sure it would be easy to shed a few pounds. My question goes to those how built one or have ideas to improve on Nicks kayak.

Mine was built with 1/8 inch lauan with one 6oz cloth on top and two on the bottom. The only place there is fiberglass inside the kayak are at the seems and in the seat area. To join the panels no scarf joints were used, just but joints covered with a 3 inch wide strip on the inside. Bulkheads are 1 inch blue foam board covered with 2 layers of 6oz cloth on both sides. A retractable skeg was also instaled to help my bad paddeling. This boat is very solid for the use I put it through.

The new one will be 1 inch higher to get more foot room.

Any changes you have made to improve the deseign would be welcome.

Bob Harding

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Nicks S&G...Again
Bob Harding -- 9/18/1998, 1:02 pm
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