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coaming and supplies
Date: 9/18/1998, 5:34 am

Hi, just wondering how wide the cockpit coaming should be... Ive heard between 1/2" and 3/4"... is that correct? (by width I mean the measurement across the laminated strips) ALSO Im kinda in a hurry to find a place to get supplies such as minicell foam, cord, and other supplies. Would any of you suggest a catalog company that sells all that stuff for a good price? Thanksalot, Matt

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coaming and supplies
Matt -- 9/18/1998, 5:34 am
some places to try
Pete Ford -- 9/18/1998, 4:55 pm
Online Source of Supplies
Jon K. -- 9/18/1998, 2:04 pm
Re: coaming and supplies
Nick Schade -- 9/19/1998, 12:18 am