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Kayak Suggestions
By:Cliff Hepburn
Date: 9/17/1998, 12:15 pm

I just finished building a Laughing Loon "Georgian Bay" stripper, now my wife, having seen the final product, wants me to build one for her. I am afraid that model may not "fit" her. I am thinking the 24" width of the "G.B" may be too wide for her 5'1" frame. Am I correct? What design features should I consider when choosing a model. She will be a novice. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advice.

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Kayak Suggestions
Cliff Hepburn -- 9/17/1998, 12:15 pm
Re: Kayak Suggestions
Mike Scarborough -- 9/17/1998, 7:58 am
Date Correction
Mike Spence -- 9/17/1998, 3:51 pm
Re: Date Correction
Mike Scarborough -- 9/18/1998, 8:09 am