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Canadian Wood Source
By:John Waddington
Date: 9/10/1998, 8:16 am

Sometime around February/March there was a request here for a Canadian source of okoume, then later someone, maybe Timothy in Toronto, also made a request for a Canadian source. I remember one of the postings listed a place in Eastern Canada (maybe Halifax) and somewhere in the Toronto area. I live about 1.5 hours south of Ottawa, 3 hours east of Toronto, and 15 or so hours from Halifax. I would appreciate someone pointing me to any of these sources if you know them, even Halifax as I will be in that area in about two weeks. I am also looking for a similar source of strips. I have seen the name Noah's mentioned, but do not know where (or what) it is. Thanks in advance.

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Canadian Wood Source
John Waddington -- 9/10/1998, 8:16 am
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Timothy - Toronto, Ontario -- 9/28/1998, 8:52 am
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Mark Kanzler -- 9/27/1998, 10:45 am
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Mark Kanzler -- 9/27/1998, 10:38 am
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Yan Stambouli -- 9/26/1998, 9:16 am
Re: Canadian Wood Source
Yan Stambouli -- 9/13/1998, 8:43 pm
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Timothy - Toronto, Ontario -- 9/15/1998, 12:51 am
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Yan Stambouli -- 9/26/1998, 8:55 am
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Mark Bodnar -- 9/12/1998, 4:45 pm
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Jim Reid -- 9/11/1998, 6:43 am
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Matthew Bastian -- 9/10/1998, 8:51 am