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solid vs. laminated deck beams
Date: 9/9/1998, 8:55 pm

while building my cheasapeake 17 I decided to make the deck beams out of solid lumber instead of plywood laminated with epoxy. I went to the lumber yard and found a piece of white spruce that was free of knots . When I got it home I cut it to 15/16" by 1" by 40 " long. I improvised a steam box by taking a piece of 4" drain pipe and proping it on top of a kettle I stuffed the ends with rags and suspended the deck beam inside, the kettle was going full blast for about an hour with the wood inside of the pipe, the wood bent around the jig with some effort but never threatened to break.tomorrow I'll pull the new beam off the jig and see how it turned out, hopefully good because I dont like working with the epoxy.

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solid vs. laminated deck beams
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