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need help choosing a design
By:dave koslow
Date: 9/4/1998, 11:48 pm

Thanks for reading this... I've got 2 questions... I've been seduced by Nick's book ... I've gotta build a strip kayak! The woodworking is no problem for me, and I've been scouring all the wonderful resources on the net.... My problem is this...I've fallen in love with the design of the Gullimot, but since I haven't kayaked much ( do a lot of canoeing tho) i am sort of worried about the width. Is this to much for a beginner to handle? Am i going to hate myself and give up? Should i consider a wider boat like the Georgian Bay from Loon? I don't get out that often so a long learning curve is a turn-off. Second, I have a BIG 10 year old who also wants a boat to go out with daddy... (in for a penny in for a pound) What length shoud a kayak for a kid be? Obviously( i think) he need a different design than the Gullimot. I dont really see too much difference between Nick's Great Auk and many similar boats. Can this be scaled down for him? Or is there a better choice? I'd really appreciate hearing your opinions on these matters. I am not looking for construction help(yet) just help choosing WHAT to build.

( a special PS to Nick Schade: What a GREAT book what a GREAT website what GREAT boats...thank you!)

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need help choosing a design
dave koslow -- 9/4/1998, 11:48 pm
Re: need help choosing a design
Mac Buhler -- 9/5/1998, 5:39 am