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I glass tomorrow!
By:Jim Ward
Date: 9/4/1998, 9:19 pm

I'm going to fiberglass the hull of my Chesapeake 17 tomorrow. So, I was practicing with a spare piece of cloth to see how the cloth would conform to the bow and stern. It looks like the cloth will stretch enough to conform to the bow, but the stern is rather square and I didn't have much success. Anyone have any suggestions on how to wrap the cloth around the stern? Also, should I saturate the wood first then lay the glass down and wet it out, or should I just lay the glass down on the dry wood and then wet it out?

Thanks for any help you care to give.

Jim Ward

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I glass tomorrow!
Jim Ward -- 9/4/1998, 9:19 pm
Re: I glass tomorrow! -- RESULTS.
Jim Ward -- 9/5/1998, 9:55 pm
Re: I glass tomorrow! -- RESULTS.
Paul Jacobson -- 9/5/1998, 10:14 pm
You glassed yesterday, but...
Paul Jacobson -- 9/5/1998, 8:02 pm
Slit and wrap
Pete Ford -- 9/5/1998, 5:55 pm
Re: I glass tomorrow!
Brian -- 9/5/1998, 1:15 pm
Re: I glass tomorrow!
Paul Stomski -- 9/4/1998, 10:12 pm
Re: I glass tomorrow!
Dean C. -- 9/5/1998, 3:45 pm