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Re: canvas
Date: 8/31/1998, 3:52 pm
In Response To: canvas (Mark Ostrenga)

Don't know the page you're referring to. Canvas is probably the cheapest alternative in the states. You could use something lighter than 10 oz. duck for the deck (kinda rhymes...), but it's often easier to cover with one piece.

You do get a smooth look by using two pieces of canvas, stapling to the sheer and covering with a wooden rub strip..this is especially true on a true "greenland style" with the fine bow and stern.

The staple/cover with rub strip technique would allow you to use a really heavy muslin or linen to cover the deck. Lighter, but no cheaper.

I've found cotton duck for $4.50 a yard. Hard to find much cheaper.

Wynne Americus, GA

> although I am far from the covering process in the construction of my
> kayak I wonder, do you have to go through the process of completely
> wrapping the frame in canvas, on the page for the WA1URB it looks as if he
> has covered the hull with canvas and the top will be covered with another
> material? can this be done? what options are there for this? I also want
> to keep the cost down, so I would like to avoid expensive materials for
> covering it. what do you all recomend?

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