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Sloppin the Goop
By:Don Beale
Date: 8/31/1998, 12:57 pm

After all the different methods I've read about filling the weave like foam rollers, squeegees, brushes, etc.. I settled on the simplest. I smeared it with my gloved hand. It's fast, accurate, and spreads a nice even layer. Am I missing something? I don't think I got too much on, it has taken three coats nicely and I don't think more will be needed. I don't see any problems so far but will know for sure in the morning. I use the grocery store cheap cleaning gloves like playtex only cheaper. They are tougher than latex and can be reused several times.

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Sloppin the Goop
Don Beale -- 8/31/1998, 12:57 pm
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Geoff Davis -- 8/31/1998, 8:41 am
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Mark Kanzler -- 8/31/1998, 1:12 pm
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Geoff Davis -- 8/31/1998, 1:50 pm
Filling weave on canvas canoe
wynne -- 8/31/1998, 3:41 pm