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Re: Safe Landings
Date: 8/28/1998, 10:32 am
In Response To: Re: Safe Landings (Mark Kanzler)

> Any landing you can walk away from... ;)

> Since I wasn't there, I have no way of knowing what (if anything) he did
> wrong that resulted in separation from the boat. Sometimes strange things
> occur which no one could anticipate.

Yes ,English is my second language, but it shouldn't be because I have lived in the US for many ,many years.Typing and and in general using the computer are new to me.More importantant is that I have no interest is discussing my judjment and skills on a bulletin board. I wish I had discovered this page BEFORE I built my boat because it contains a lot of very interesting and useful information including some from George Roberts.Thank you for those hwo encouraged me not to be put off by him. I live and paddle in California near Bodega Bay.

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