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Why Varnish?
By:Alex Sheridan
Date: 8/27/1998, 2:44 pm

Fiberglass boats off the rack don't come with 10 coats of varnish. Why do we do it after glassing strippers? Surfboards don't come varnished and they seem to take quite a beating and look whats the deal? UV? Shine? Just courious - so is my surfer buddy ---

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Why Varnish?
Alex Sheridan -- 8/27/1998, 2:44 pm
Re: Why Varnish?
Paul Jacobson -- 8/30/1998, 12:13 pm
Re: Why Varnish?
Mark Kanzler -- 8/30/1998, 11:46 am
I stand corrected
Paul Jacobson -- 8/30/1998, 8:50 pm
Re: I stand corrected
Mark Kanzler -- 8/31/1998, 2:02 pm
Re: Why Varnish?
Nick Schade -- 8/27/1998, 2:58 pm
Re: Why Varnish?
Mark Kanzler -- 8/27/1998, 6:33 pm