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Rudder controls
By:Mark Bodnar
Date: 8/26/1998, 6:18 pm

With the discussion on intergral rudders (very nice design by the way) an similar topic comes to mind.

Any great ideas on steering systems that do not require footbraces? For example I've considered

1. a toe mount above the foot brace that would give a solid base for support and a moveable upper section for rudder control (not sure how to make this adjustable but I understand one company makes and installs this type of system in it's production kayaks)

2. a bar/rod attached to the underside of the deck (above and between the feet) that you could push/swivel from side to side with your toes - attached cables for rudder control (i.e. a T shape with rudder cables attaches to each end of the cross and attached to the deck so it could pivot - then turned from side to side with a push of the toes)


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