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Same old questions one more time
By:Bruce Everett
Date: 8/25/1998, 9:23 pm

I know these questions have been discussed before and maybe to death by now but I can't seem to pull the answers out of the archives so please bear with me. I'm about to glass the hull of my Panache.

1) I need a source for System 3 epoxy and fiberglass cloth preferably in the NE area. (cheap source)

2) Is there a consensus developing between using multiple layers of fiberglass cloth on the outside of the hull rather than one heavier layer. If so, what is the "standard" weight cloth being used (keeping low wieght in mind).

3) I've heard of type of cloth that is extremely wear resistant but can't remember the name. It is usually used in narrow widths on high wear areas such as the chines.

4) Need a good method of filling the gaps between some strips. Will standard wood putting create any adhesion problems with the epoxy. Is there a benefit mixing your own epoxy/wood blend for this.


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Same old questions one more time
Bruce Everett -- 8/25/1998, 9:23 pm
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