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Unscientific Strength Test
By:Nick Schade
Date: 8/25/1998, 2:57 pm

Took my new Night Heron down to Maine for 4 days of camping. I had not intended this boat for that purpose so I only had one layer of 6 oz glass on the outside. Several times I misjudged the timing of the surge in the rocks close to shore as I was playing around with the fully loaded boat. As a result, I have several scratches that run most of the length of the bottom. I hit the rocks with enough force to lift the boat about 1 inch (Loaded with me, and gear and water for 4 days - for a total weight of about 300+ lbs). The drag on the rocks was enough to fully stop the boat from a slow cruising pace.

The resulting damage was primarily scratched varnish, with one scratch nicking the glass. None deep enough to expose the wood to water. Nothing that needs attention until the next time I varnish the boat.

I was fully expecting to have to do some repair work after these impacts, as they exceeded in force what I had planned for the boat. Luckily I don't have to.

BTW according to my none-to-trustworthy bathroom scales, the boat weighs 35 lbs, but I would guess closer to 40.

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Unscientific Strength Test
Nick Schade -- 8/25/1998, 2:57 pm