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Classic Double Paddles
By:Geoff Davis
Date: 8/24/1998, 9:59 am

About 15 years ago I purchased a copy of a L. Francis Herreshoff paddle form Shaw and Tenney of Orono Maine. This is the spoon blade paddle the appears in his Sensible Cruising Designs. I have been very pleased with this paddle -with the exception of the ferrule which has worked loose with age. L. Francis would have frowned at two piece paddles anyway.

I plan to make piece..this winter.

I would like to make some other classic double paddles to play with. I really like the Double Paddles in JH Rushton's 1903 catalogue. I could make similar drom the illustration, but have little idea what their profiles look like. Are there any published drawing of Rushton double paddles? Skene Double Paddles?