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Looking for plans, fiberglass kayak (Greenland)
By:Sebastien BAERD
Date: 8/24/1998, 12:30 am

According to the responses you all gave me, I look forward to buildind my kayak in hardshell in three or four parts to carry it in the plane for my trip in Greenland. Can someone answer to the following questions: - Using fiberglass to build my kayak, it is a good idea? - What manuel can I take to tell me how make a kayak in fiberglass? - What kind of kayak is good to make for Greenland (single), so where can I get the plans of the good kayak? (I heard that building a folding kayak is very expensive and the resutat is not always good).

Thank you very much for your help, sorry for asking so basic questions. There is so many information on the net that I don't know what to do sometime.

Sebastien BAERD

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Looking for plans, fiberglass kayak (Greenland)
Sebastien BAERD -- 8/24/1998, 12:30 am
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Nick Schade -- 8/24/1998, 3:35 pm
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Mark Kanzler -- 8/24/1998, 2:15 pm
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Paul Jacobson -- 8/24/1998, 2:55 am
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Re: Looking for plans, fiberglass kayak (Greenland)
Paul Jacobson -- 8/24/1998, 2:11 am