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Max Wheildon Kayaks
By:Geoff Davis
Date: 8/21/1998, 9:56 am

When I was a boy I spent a great deal of time with a neighbor, Max Wheildon. Max was an engineer, but had spent his entire life on and around the sea. He freely lent me advice and books, and as I got older he would lend me boats. I spent some great time on his International 110...what a great little sloop!

He was very into canvas and wood kayaks. He had several that he had covered with (at that time) new and innovative materials like plywood and fiberglass. He designed this boats, supposedly with input from L. Francis Herreshof. They were very similar, though constructed quite differetly, to the Norman Skene "Walrus" that I am building now. I built three of these in my college days, but alas, the plans have disapeared over the years. The boats are now spread far and wide..sold and given away.

Max lived in Framingham, MA and Sawyer Island, Boothbay, ME (My old stomping ground). Does anyone know of Max and his kayaks? Does anyone have the plans.

I would appreciate any information.

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Max Wheildon Kayaks
Geoff Davis -- 8/21/1998, 9:56 am
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Geoff Davis -- 8/24/1998, 9:32 am