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Elephant skin update
By:Geoff Davis
Date: 8/18/1998, 8:13 pm

An update-

I pulled the skin in sections...restretched and retacked. It looked great until the next morning....elephant skin again.

I've sprayed the interior with water and pulled the boat into an adjacent greenhouse (about 110 degress F) with hopes of shrinking the skin. With each application of water, the wood swells and the skin looks great, but it refuses to shrink. Of course, the skin bags again when the wood dries out.

As the skin is great when wet, I expect she would look and perform well in the water. Should I finish her out, as is, knowing that she will be fine when damp?

I've spent a lot of time around traditional boats that "hang in the slings" until the wood swells. Perfectly acceptable.

Any thought?

Many thanks! Geoff

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Elephant skin update
Geoff Davis -- 8/18/1998, 8:13 pm
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