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will strip plank the cross beams
By:Brian C.
Date: 8/18/1998, 1:33 pm

Hey folks, As you know I’m building a trimarran rigged kayak, which has stitch and glue hulls.

One of my coworkers brought in a strip planked canoe for the EDS "on your own time" show. I was so impressed by it that I decided to go ahead and strip plank the crossbeams connecting my hulls.

The stock plans for the CLC SailRig call for laminated crossbeams forming a gullwing shape. Since I was concerned about both windage and what would happen if the crossbeams would stove I was looking into covering the beams with an airfoil shape. After looking at how strip built boats were built, I think this would be my best option.

The plan so far is to build the crossbeams as it the stock plans and use them as a ‘backbone’ to secure airfoil shaped bulkhead ‘forms’. I would then strip plank over it. This would also allow me to direct the beams aft, instead of coming staight out from the hull at 90 degrees.

Any thoughts?

Here’s a picture of the stock plans.

NOTE: I will have the floats on streached out the length of the kayak and they will be set to a 12ft beam.

Thanks. :)

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Mark Kanzler -- 8/18/1998, 1:46 pm
Point taken, but ... wave impact
Brian C. -- 8/18/1998, 2:06 pm
Re: Point taken, but ... wave impact
Mark Kanzler -- 8/18/1998, 2:25 pm
side view might help
Brian C. -- 8/18/1998, 2:37 pm
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Mark Kanzler -- 8/19/1998, 10:30 am
thanks :)
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If you like windsurfer rigs ...
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